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Please sign in with your Username/Password to access special AMS services and to set your MathSciNet preferences. If you do not yet have a Username/Password …

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The AMS is developing a new user interface for MathSciNet.

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MR: Search Publications database

MathSciNet, the electronic version of MR, presents a fully searchable database with many tools designed to help navigate the mathematical sciences …

AMS :: Mathematical Reviews

MathSciNet is the authoritative gateway to the literature of Mathematics. MathSciNet contains over 3.9 million items and 2.6 million direct links to …

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Only journals hosted on can be accessed through pairing. Remote access with MathSciNet® is currently available only on the Providence server, not the …

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AMS Remote Access

Find the collaboration distance between any two authors in the MR database. Classify your articles using the MSC scheme. Constructing Links to MathSciNet®.

AMS :: Mathematical Reviews Tools

The American Mathematical Society’s online database which provides indexing to the world’s mathematical literature with abstracts from 1940 to present; …

MathSciNet | Hunter College Libraries – CUNY

MathSciNet | Hunter College Libraries

MathSciNet contains approximately 2 million citations (with abstracts from 1979) to the worldwide literature in mathematics and related subjects, …

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Oct 12, 2022 — Mathematics and statistics databases. MathSciNet: Extensive coverage of the mathematical sciences literature, with expert reviews, using the …

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Find articles – Mathematics and Statistics – Guides at McGill Library

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